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VectraplexECG (VECG) provides the Cardiac Electrical Biomarker, CEB®,
a technology to detect ECG changes suggestive of acute ischemic injury, including AMI.

Providing a powerful diagnostic test right in your ECG machine.

VectraplexECG can derive a 12 to 15-lead ECG report with just 5


*Upgrade to VectraplexECG required

The Cardiac Electrical Biomarker

The CEB® is our smartest ECG technology! It can detect ECG changes suggestive of a heart attack. Simply, it is a color coded index number that measures the degree of di-polarity of the cardiac electrical field. The cardiac electrical field of a healthy patient is primarily di-polar1, while occurrence of myocardial injury leads to the appearance of a multi polar cardiac electrical field2. A CEB® greater than 94 indicates an abnormal condition and further clinical assessment is necessary.


1. Schmitt, OH AM Heart J. 1953;45:416-428
2. Tysler – J Electrocardiol. 2013 Jul-Aug;46(4):284-8. Doi:10.1016/j.electrocard.2013.03.014. Epub 2013 Apr 28.
Recommended Reading: Automated Analysis of the 12-lead ECG in the Emergency Department: Association Between High-sensitivity Cardiac Troponin I and the Cardiac Electrical Biomarker. Larisa G. Tereshchenko, MD, PhD,* David Gatz, BS,* Albert Feeny,† and Frederick K. Korley, MD‡


Derives 15 to 22-lead ECG

Electrode Placement
Electrode Placement

Note: 15-lead ECG is for U.S. and 22-lead ECG is for CE marking countries, Australia and Taiwan

Published study comparing the CEB® to high sensitivity troponin blood test/cardiac serum markers. Presented at ACC 2014 in San Francisco, CA. Published in Critical Pathways in Cardiology – Volume 13, Number 1, March 2014

Conclusions: In conclusion, in patients in ED evaluated for acute myocardial injury, increasing values of HsTnI were associated with increasing values of the CEB®, suggesting that myocardial injury is associated with acute changes in the CEB® in the population of patients with high pretest probability of acute myocardial injury.

Prospective study in the Cardiac Cath Lab – Study presented at the American College of Cardiology Conference (ACC) in Washington, DC in March 2017

Conclusions: The CEB® shows a positive response to balloon and stent inflation during PCI with a strong correlation. The CEB® appears to show a stronger response to balloon inflation in larger arteries, cases involving infarction, and in greater severity stenosis. The CEB® may be an efficient and timely means of detecting myocardial ischemia in patients who are being monitored in acute care settings.


  • 15-lead ECG = 12-lead ECG, Vectorcardiogram/XYZ leads and vector loops.*
  • 22-lead ECG = 12-lead ECG, right heart,  posterior, Vectorcardiogram/XYZ leads and vector loops.*
  • Use 5-electrodes to derive a 15-lead ECG (US) and 22-lead ECG (EU). Option to use 10-electrodes for a 12-lead ECG.
  • Derive a Cardiac Electrical Biomarker, CEB®, that will detect ECG changes suggestive of an AMI
  • One push email capability
  • EMR Connectivity.

*Note: 15-lead ECG is for U.S. and 22-lead ECG is for CE marking countries, Australia and Taiwan

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Why should you upgrade to the VectraplexECG software?

FeaturesUniversal ECG VectraplexECG
Cardiac Electrical Biomarker, (CEB®), can detect ECG changes suggestive of a heart attack. 
5-Electrode Placement (V2 and limbs) 
Standard 10-Electrode Placement
Email ECG Reports from the Software 
Connect to most EMRs
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All consumables assist in the accurate and comprehensive diagnostic testing performed with VectraCor devices.

resting tab

Resting ECG Tab Electrodes

Product #: Z-5000-1920

(Box of 4000) or Z-5000-1919 (Box of 1000)

• Gel: Adhesive Gel
• Chloride Content: 4%
• Substrate: Synthetic Paper or Vinyl
• Sensor: Ag/AgCl
• Shape/Size: Rectangle, 1” x 7/8”
• Adhesive Performance: Usable up to 1 hour
• Shelf Life: 2 years, when stored between 10-32°C

sure lock

Sure-Lock Snap and Tab Electrode Adapters

Product #: 5000-1917

• Universal Adapter fits both snap and tab electrodes: Fits
3 mm to 4 mm pin leads
• Latch Lock System: Securely locks on electrodes,
leads won’t detach
• Secure Connection: Reduces false alarms
• Re-usable: Adapters can be cleaned/sterilized
and re-used

wet gel electrodes

Wet Gel Monitoring Electrodes

Product #: V100300

  • Fast-Acting Wet Gel
  • Superior Conductivity
  • Up to 72 hours of continous use
  • Better Skin Contact
  • Competitively Priced
  • Recommended for VectraplexECG System to monitor the patient and for holter monitoring.