VB Filter for Orbit™ Spirometer

Free Of Potentially Harmful Material

latex, PVC, DEHP, BPA

Viral filtration efficiency:

> 99.99%

Product Number


High-Filtration Efficiency. Tested specifically with the Orbit™ Spirometer Pre-Calibrated Mouthpieces. The VB Filter for Orbit™ Spirometer provides a high degree of protection for the patient as well as your testing equipment, while its low resistance allows for accurate testing results.

vb filter
  •  Viral filtration efficiency: > 99.99%
  •  Bacterial filtration efficiency: > 99.999%
  • Resistance to flow:
    • 0.75 cm H2O L•sec-1 @ 14 L•sec-1
    • 0.66 cm H2O L•sec-1 @ 12 L•sec-1
  • Exceeds ATS and ERS standards
  • Membrane protects electrostatic filter media
  • Effective dead space: 45 ml
  •  For single-patient, single use only
  • Free of latex, PVC, DEHP, BPA

Independent laboratory tests have verified that this pulmonary function filter is highly effective. The VB Filter for Orbit™ Spirometer consistently filters out more than 99.999% of bacteria and 99.99% of viruses. At the same time, The VB Filter for Orbit™ Spirometer easily surpasses published ATS recommendations for flow resistance in pulmonary function instrumentation, which suggest resistance should be below 1.5 cm H2O/L/sec at flow rates of 14 L/sec.


All consumables assist in the accurate and comprehensive diagnostic testing performed with VectraCor devices.

Pre-Calibrated Mouthpiece

Pre-Calibrated Mouthpieces

Product #: Z-5000-2608

These mouthpieces are individually calibrated during production using the same equipment LDS Hospital uses to validate spirometers against the American Thoracic Society’s Recommendations for the Standardization of Spirometry. These pneumotachs are single patient use only.

Nose Clip


Product #: 724050-00

QRS, in line with ATS Guidelines, recommends the use of nose-clips when performing a Spirometry test with a QRS spirometer.

Pressure Tube

Pressure Tubes

Product #: Z-7000-2032

Pressure tubes connect the pre-calibrated mouthpieces to the QRS spirometers. They are re-usable, but need to be replaced if kinked or if condensation forms inside the tube.

Pressure tubes measure 48” long.

Calibration Syringe

Volume Calibration Syringe

Product #: 723000-00

QRS sells a three liter Volume Calibration Syringe designed to fit the QRS spirometers. Although QRS spirometers cannot be calibrated in the field, the syringe allows you to check your calibration. According to ATS Guidelines, the volume accuracy of the spirometer must be checked at least daily.