Universal ECG

The portability and ease of use with VectraCor ECG products allows you to perform resting ECG anytime, anywhere.


Reports are saved as PDFs on the PC. Easy connection to EMRs.


Proven filtering and interpretation algorithms


3-year warranty included


Accuracy – The Universal ECG uses the an algorithm that had the best total accuracy of the 9 popular algorithms compared by cardiologists to a standardized database of ECG tracings.¹

Why Perform Diagnostic ECG Tests? – ECG testing has increased the diagnosis of heart disease.  ECGs provide physicians a baseline to compare the health of a heart on a recurring basis.  They also help diagnose, monitor and treat patients with symptoms of heart health issues.  For more benefits and statistics about electrocardiography and reasons for performing ECGs.

 1. See Universal ECG Algorithm document below. 

Office Medic Software

Office Medic is easy-to-use software that ships with all QRS ECGs and spirometers. Office Medic allows you to acquire, store and review diagnostic data using an off-the-shelf laptop, desktop or tablet.


  • Office Medic instantly stores the test data in its central database allowing you to manage and review it from anywhere.
  • Create customizable reports in PDF, JPEG and TIFF formats to integrate with your EMR.
  • Language Options: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Japanese.
office medic


What VectraplexECG users are saying.

We’ve had it for 5-years. It’s easy to use, portable, I can take it room to room.


Pediatrics of Central Florida


I love your product!

Dr. Huff

Resilience Health Systems



All consumables assist in the accurate and comprehensive diagnostic testing performed with VectraCor devices.

resting tab

Resting ECG Tab Electrodes

Product #: Z-5000-1920

(Box of 4000) or Z-5000-1919 (Box of 1000)

• Gel: Adhesive Gel
• Chloride Content: 4%
• Substrate: Synthetic Paper or Vinyl
• Sensor: Ag/AgCl
• Shape/Size: Rectangle, 1” x 7/8”
• Adhesive Performance: Usable up to 1 hour
• Shelf Life: 2 years, when stored between 10-32°C

sure lock

Sure-Lock Snap and Tab Electrode Adapters

Product #: 5000-1917

• Universal Adapter fits both snap and tab electrodes: Fits
3 mm to 4 mm pin leads
• Latch Lock System: Securely locks on electrodes,
leads won’t detach
• Secure Connection: Reduces false alarms
• Re-usable: Adapters can be cleaned/sterilized
and re-used

wet gel electrodes

Wet Gel Monitoring Electrodes

Product #: V100300

  • Fast-Acting Wet Gel
  • Superior Conductivity
  • Up to 72 hours of continous use
  • Better Skin Contact
  • Competitively Priced
  • Recommended for VectraplexECG System to monitor the patient and for holter monitoring.