What we can do about COVID19

As you may know, VectraCor is a medical device company in NJ that manufactures ECG and Spirometry equipment. We are the only company that has a dual ECG/cardiac monitoring system that is FDA cleared and CE Marked approved to derive a 15 (FDA) to 22 (CE) lead ECG from just 5 body surface electrodes. Many COVID-19 patients will need to be on cardiac monitors due to their age, comorbid conditions and expected experimental therapy such as azithromycin and healthcare providers would like to have devices that can minimize exposure.

Our VectraplexECG device is a compact, portable, and low-cost cardiac monitoring/ECG system used by hospitals, urgent care facilities, mobile paramedic teams, and telemedicine equipment as a point of care, real-time solution using only 5 electrodes, thus providing high patient volume efficiency and quality of care that is affordable and minimizes healthcare provider exposure, since it utilizes only 5 electrodes vs 10.

Also, as COVID-19 is a respiratory disease where frequent FEV1 testing is advantageous to monitor pulmonary status and response to anticipated therapies, VectraCor manufactures FDA cleared and CE Mark portable spirometry units that utilize low-cost pre-calibrated disposable mouthpieces that are greatly advantageous when dealing with high patient volumes. 

Please see our products below that can help during this crisis and contact us at 973.904.0444 ext. 2 so we can help.

PLEASE stay safe and healthy during this very stressful time….we will all get through it together.