Note:  Vectraplex Stat Monitoring Unit is not available for sale in the US or Europe pending regulatory approval.

holter one wireThe Vectraplex Stat Monitoring System is a Holter / Event ambulatory cardiac monitoring device to be utilized in areas where ultra-portability is required, such as, Emergency Department and Triage areas, Home Care, First Aid Squads, paramedic units, private offices, etc.

The Vectraplex Stat System will be the first mobile system to incorporate a cell phone that will transmit data to a doctor to view a derived 15 lead ECG (22-Lead for the European market). The system will derive a 15 lead ECG from the reduced 3 lead set (5 electrodes) and incorporate the “Cardiac Electrical Biomarker”, VectraplexECG System with CEB, to monitor a patient for ECG changes that may be indicative of an AMI. 

The Vectraplex Stat System will interface to the VectraplexECG System to display the entire data set for the doctors’ review. The clinician can then view the full 15-Lead ECG and CEB.  If the patient is potentially having a heart attack or other heart conditions based on the physician’s assessment of the ECG, the clinician can inform their patient of the need for immediate emergency evaluation, if necessary.  Additionally, the emergency facility can quickly print out a derived 15 lead ECG for the clinical staff prior to the patient arriving at the facility.