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14-day Holter plus 30-day Event monitor


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The Q200/HE digital recorder can be used as either a Holter monitor or looping Event recorder and is designed to facilitate ambulatory cardiac monitoring. Monitoring patients with the Q200/HE assists in diagnosing, treating and observing those complaining of palpitations, syncope, chest pains, shortness of breath or those who need to be monitored to judge their current cardiac functions or reactions to treatment.

Holter LX Analysis Software

Never miss a beat with the Holter LX Analysis software. Paired with the Q200/HE™ combination Holter/Event recorder, our software reliably captures and analyzes holter data. It is available in 4-User Levels – Enhanced, Enhanced Plus, Pro and Remote. Please download our Holter LX Analysis Matrix for specific capabilities of each level of software.

Holter LX Analysis, QRS holter software supports up to 14-day Holter studies. Let our software sort and categorize the thousands of beats captured, consolidate or split the multi-day data along your preferred boundaries and automatically adjust trends, averages, totals, tables & more.

The software and efficient file structure on which it is built offer the doctor’s office, the scanning service, or the most demanding cardiac research or clinical applications, the fastest and most user-friendly environment in which to reduce megabits of data to the critical reports necessary in today’s world. The software also supports networking and remote satellite office transmission.

Up to 14-Day Holter Studies – Never miss a beat, capture every ECG reading. Let the software sort and categorize thousands of beats. Consolidate or split the data from multi-day studies along your preferred boundaries. Trends, averages, totals, tables, etc. automatically adjusted.

User-Customized reports – Customized reports match your needs, e.g., contact information, diagnostic terms, morphological terms, key phrases and more.

LAN/WAN support – Supports local office networks (LANs) and remote, satellite offices (WAN transmit/receive).

Fast, accurate analysis and proprietary features reduce editing time –

  • EQD: Enhanced QRS Detection plus proprietary algorithms means higher percentage of automatically and correctly characterized beats.
  • ATC: Adaptive Template Construction fits a series of templates to a wide range of cardiac morphologies, reducing the need for manual intervention.
  • Compact db structure: An optimized and efficient database structure that does not compromise accuracy simply means faster download times to LX Analysis software.
  • CMA: Coefficient Matching Algorithms run faster than other products and take less time to reanalyze the data.
  • ASTAT: Automatic ST segment Analysis Tool sets markers, measures the ST segment on all channels, plots the average and baseline values, highlights events with computer-assisted event selection.
  • Spectral analysis: Reveals critical diagnostic information not easily recognized in the time domain.
  • 12-lead display: When 12-lead data are available, they can be fully displayed. This includes 3D plots and detailed ST/QT measurements with software calipers.
  • Full disclosure: Provides the display for a variety of reports and reimbursements as well as clinical studies.
  • SCCB – Software Controlled Channel Blocking can block any channel(s) in the display to eliminate artifact that obscures good data.

Natural, intuitive editing modes speed report generation – Natural drag and drop motif provides an easy, intuitive graphical user interface. LX Analysis Software switches rapidly to the right context – from beat, strip, page, trend or full disclosure; all are just one click away.

The Holter LX Analysis Software kit includes:

  • Holter Software CD
    • Hardware & Software Manuals
    • Installation Files & Instructions
    • Hook-Up & Quick-Start Guides for Holter & Event Monitoring
  • Software Key (Dongle)
  • Media Reader + Extension Cable

Also included with the Holter LX Analysis Software is a three-year warranty.  Click here for full details.


All consumables assist in the accurate and comprehensive diagnostic testing performed with VectraCor devices.


2-Lead Patient Cables

Product #: 702012-00
For Event Monitoring


5-Lead Patient Cables

Product #: 702005-00
For Holter Recording


Q200/HE Monitor Pouch

The monitor pouch safely holds the Q200 monitor while the patient is connected. The monitor pouch can be attached to the patient for easy and secure transport.