48-hour ABPM

Cost-effective solution for monitoring your patients’ blood pressures outside the clinical environment.


Large LCD screen, lightweight and easy-to-use.


Quick programming and data retrieval.


EasyABPM software analyzes and interprets.

EasyABPM Software

EasyABPM, a Windows® based software program, analyzes and interprets the blood pressure readings collected by the ABP monitor. This software is user-friendly and is customizable for configuration, analysis, interpretation and reporting of ABPM studies.


EasyABPM is a simple but powerful application that allows maximum flexibility in the configuration, analysis, interpretation and reporting of ABPM studies.  EasyABPM offers the first automated interpretive summary of ABP data with analysis of the white coat effect, advanced online Help system, multiple report configurations and integrated e-mail capability.


All consumables assist in the accurate and comprehensive diagnostic testing performed with VectraCor devices.

Small Cuff

Small Cuff

Product #: 713000-00
18-24cm range

Large Adult Cuff

Adult Cuff

Product #: 713001-00
29-38cm range

Adult Cuff

Large Adult Cuff

Product #: 713003-00
33-42cm range


Monitor Pouch

Product #: 714000-00
The monitor pouch safely holds the ABP monitor while the patient is connected. The monitor pouch can be attached to the patient for easy and secure transport.



Product #: 714001-00
The belt securely fastens the monitor pouch to a patient’s belt for easy and secure transport.