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Opti™ 24 Hour ABPM

QRS_Opti24hrABP_006_154_169_0The Opti™ 24-hour ABPM is lightweight and easy-to-use. This monitor takes blood pressure monitoring out of the clinical setting and allows the patient to be monitored for an extended period of time.






The Opti 24-Hour ambulatory blood pressure monitor is validated to all three internationally recognized standards:

  •  British Hypertension Society
  •  European Society of Hypertension International Protocol
  •  Association of the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) SP10

The OptiFit ABP cuffs extend patient comfort through the ABP system. An innovative stretch design maintains cuff placement and cuff inflation is controlled by pre-programmed interval instructions set in Opti-Insight. Opti-Insight, a Windows® based software program, analyzes and interprets the blood pressure readings collected by the Opti monitor. This software is user-friendly and is customizable for configuration, analysis, interpretation and reporting of ABPM studies.

  • Affordable – Exceptional value conserves limited budget resources.
  • Quick Setup – Oscillometric technology makes patient set-up easy, saving your staff time.
  • Ready to Use – Use the system right away with included OptiFit cuffs, Adult and Adult Plus sizes, and Opti-Insight software.
  • Data Security – BP data saved on flash memory means no lost data and no repeated studies.
  • Low Power Consumption – Requires only 2 AA batteries, making the Opti much less expensive to operate than most alternatives.
  • Patient Comfort – Adjustable maximum and dynamic inflate pressures enhance patient comfort and compliance.

The Opti 24-Hour ABPM Kit includes:

OptiFit Cuffs

  •  Opti ABP Monitor
  •  Opti-Insight Software
  •  Monitor pouch
  •  Waist belt
  •  OptiFit Adult ABP cuff (25-35 cm range)
  •  OptiFit Adult Plus ABP cuff (33-40 cm range)
  •  Quick Start Guide

Also included with the Opti ABPM is a 1-year warranty.  Click here for full details.

Technique: Oscillometry with step deflation
International Standards: EN60601-4, EN60601-2-30, EN60601-1-2 (EMC), EN1060-1, EN1060-3, “Non-invasive Sphygmomanometers – General Requirements & Supplementary Requirements for Electro – Mechanical BP Measuring Systems”, AAMI SP10 ES1 Category C’ (battery powered)
Accuracy: Clinically validated to ESH International Protocol, BHS (A/A), ANSI/AAMI (SP10)
BP Range: 25-260 mmHg (max inflate 280 mmHg)
HR Range: 40-200 bpm
Data Memory: Flash memory stores up to 250 readings
Calibration: Minimally, once every 2 years
Sampling Periods: 3 independently programmable periods
Options: Language versions available: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish & Portuguese
Warranty: 1 year standard
Power Source: 2 AA Batteries
Dimensions: Approx: 120 x 70 x 32 mm
Weight: Approx: 250 grams, including batteries
Storage Conditions:

Temperature: -20-65ºC

Humidity: 15-90% RH non-condensing

Operating Conditions:

Temperature: 10-50ºC

Humidity: 20-95% RH non-condensing


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